It ends tonight. This is the typical reaction when someone finds out I haven’t seen the musical Wicked:

Person: “What?! How have you not seen wicked?! It’s SO GOOD!!”

Me: “It tends to sell out quickly and tickets are usually expensive.”

Person: “It doesn’t matter! It’s Wicked!”

This conversation continues, fruitlessly, in this same manner. But not anymore. Tonight I’ll see what all the hype is about. I will know if the show is as good as these wide-eyed, crazy people say or if they are part of some larger conspiracy to sell tickets to a horrible show, Producers style.

Most importantly, no matter how much I enjoy the show I will make a conscious effort to not get up in anyone’s face who hasn’t seen it. It might be the greatest show ever, but there’s no need for causing others the discomfort I have experienced. And to you Wicked enthusiasts, remember to be gentle.

Disclaimer: I am under the influence of allergy medication and heavily sedated. I can tell this post has not met the standard of quality for which I strive. All apologies.

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