Christmas Cheer, Delivery Delight, and A Business Update

It feels like Christmas has come early! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I started selling Avon to help fund my Arabic courses and other future adventures. My first order was delivered yesterday, and as I’ve started delivering orders I am convinced Santa Claus must love his job! Let me acknowledge these people paid for these products, so I am not like Santa because I give them away; however, delivering them is 15 kinds of fun. I know some of my customers have had the same reaction I did to receiving what they purchased. To give you an idea, I contemplated taking a shower as soon as I got home and unpacked the box because I bought new shampoo and I wanted to try it out. I settled instead for painting my nails with one of my new polishes. In case you were wondering, my nails are lovely, and my hair feels, smells, and looks pretty good!

When I buy things that have to be delivered, there is a kind of anticipation that builds. I get to think about my new eyeliner while I’m waiting for it, and when it gets here I’m WAY more excited than I would be if I just bought the eyeliner from a store. And that goes for anything. I bought my Christmas presents online last year, and when they got here I couldn’t wait to give them away! It’s possible the joy of receiving deliveries will someday fade, but so far there is no better feeling than a box on my front steps waiting for me to come home and open it!

As a business update, I made roughly $7 profit on my first order. That’s mainly because I bought a lot of things for myself that I would have bought elsewhere (i.e. shampoo) and because I needed to buy a few business supplies to be ready to distribute orders and sell in my next campaign. I’m not quite to the price of an Arabic class, but I’m growing my business and can hopefully only go up from here! Either way, now that I know the joy of delivering Avon orders, I’m excited to keep going.

I wish you all much happiness and many front porch deliveries. Happy almost-Labor Day!

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