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Paranormal Update

Due to an unforeseen adventure of running out of gas on the way to dinner I got home later than planned Friday night to begin the Paranormal marathon. But I keep my commitments, so we started watching. Kristen and I watch a good deal of ghost-hunting tv, and while we don’t have our own paranormal experiences to speak of, I think we both think it’s possible these things are real. That being said, the first movie freaked me out. I didn’t even want to get off the couch to start the second movie because I felt exposed and vulnerable getting out from under my blanket (I recognize how ridiculous that sounds). I overcame my fears and started movie number two, but I’m such an old lady I couldn’t stay awake. After I dozed off several times Kristen suggested we pick up the marathon Saturday.

Saturday morning the weather was sunny and beautiful, and we walked to brunch before we finished the movie. A sunny morning drastically changes the movie-watching experience, so I spent less time cowering in fear.

This has been quite the extended marathon (I use the term loosely), but eventually we’ll see the new one. Maybe Saturday post-brunch when there’s still daylight as we leave the theater.

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Paranormal Evening Activities

Sometimes I have really dumb ideas. One of these was to watch every Batman movie Blockbuster (may it rest in peace) had available in a 13-hour marathon before going to see The Dark Knight. This was dumb because I don’t particularly like staying up late or sitting through one movie, much less five. So I may regret my evening plans, but I doubt it.

Tonight my roommate and I will be watching Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, and soon we will hit the theaters for number three. While this will not require the time commitment of Batman, I imagine my capacity for terror will be tested. I can only hope we will be able to sleep when it’s over. I have not seen any of these movies, but there’s no better way to catch up than in one fell swoop.

I will always say after a ridiculous marathon that it was a terrible idea, but the truth is I’ve gotten closer to some of my favorite people by watching tv well into the night. So here’s to roommate bonding and hoping our dog will be able to protect us from the ghosts!

Question: What movie/tv show marathon would you lose sleep for?

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