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Righting the Wrong Side of the Bed

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I have a tiny twin bed, so I’m not entirely sure how you can wake up on the wrong side seeing as there is really no choosing a side, but I digress. The point is, I haven’t slept enough and today I woke up grumpy.

I started off embracing this, but I recognize the injustice of that. It’s not very nice to my friends with whom I ate breakfast. Or my coworkers. Or the people I’ll run into on the street today.

So I’m acknowledging it, and I’m moving on. I’ve got no reason to complain, and I should probably protect the relationships in my life. I’m looking at pictures of adorable animals and attempting to ignore the crazy people that call my office. I’m having dinner with people I love, and I want to enjoy them and allow them to enjoy being with me.

What do you do to make your bad days better?


November is the Best of Months

I love November. I am partial to the month because I was born in November, but I think it has a lot of other qualities that make it the best month of the 12.

As of November 1, Christmas music becomes somewhat acceptable. You’ll encounter the occasional grinch who squelches all Christmas fun until after Thanksgiving, but overall people aren’t too hard on Christmas music in November.

As holidays go, Thanksgiving has got to be one of the best. I see Thanksgiving as the most bang for your buck; you have all the fun and family associated with larger events like Christmas, but none of the hassle of buying gifts or dressing up. You show up in your normal clothes, eat, and spend time with good people. What’s not to love?

It might snow in November. It’s hard to know when we’ll see the first snow of the year, but it sometimes comes in November. Some parts of the country got their snow in October, but I’m holding out hope that I’ll have a white birthday. A girl can dream.

It’s scarf and sweater weather. Currently it’s hard to know if you should dress warm or put on a light jacket, but the beauty of fall is the layers. Everyone looks better in layers, and this is the chance to take all those things you want to wear and put them on at the same time. There’s no waiting until tomorrow!

I’m expecting great things from November!

A Wicked Update

It happened, it was wonderful, and I haven’t gotten in anyone’s face yet to tell them they are missing out on the joys of Wicked. I think that equates success.

Much like Jesus, Wicked was a good thing that I want to share with people. But the most effective method of conversion is probably not arguing my superiority for having seen the show and implying you are insufficient for not having done so. If you get the chance, take it; you definitely won’t regret it. You’ll feel empowered by the story of humanity, beauty, and friendship; you’ll believe in happy endings, and you’ll find new reasons to enjoy The Wizard of Oz.

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It ends tonight. This is the typical reaction when someone finds out I haven’t seen the musical Wicked:

Person: “What?! How have you not seen wicked?! It’s SO GOOD!!”

Me: “It tends to sell out quickly and tickets are usually expensive.”

Person: “It doesn’t matter! It’s Wicked!”

This conversation continues, fruitlessly, in this same manner. But not anymore. Tonight I’ll see what all the hype is about. I will know if the show is as good as these wide-eyed, crazy people say or if they are part of some larger conspiracy to sell tickets to a horrible show,¬†Producers¬†style.

Most importantly, no matter how much I enjoy the show I will make a conscious effort to not get up in anyone’s face who hasn’t seen it. It might be the greatest show ever, but there’s no need for causing others the discomfort I have experienced. And to you Wicked enthusiasts, remember to be gentle.

Disclaimer: I am under the influence of allergy medication and heavily sedated. I can tell this post has not met the standard of quality for which I strive. All apologies.

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Open for Business! And Suggestions

I haven’t been out of school long enough to do much, but I’m ready now to get down to business. I’ve got some goals you’ll read about in the near future, a long list of books I want to read, and a few projects I’d like to work on, but I’m all about suggestions. What is something a recent college graduate should do/learn/make/know? It can be as educational or as mindless as you want it to be. If you’ve got a suggestion, leave a comment.