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A New (ad)Venture

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been taking Arabic at the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute. Unfortunately, I’m still paying for those four years of schooling I’ve already had, and taking Arabic gets expensive. Maybe someday I’ll have a job that pays me to learn new languages, but until then I’ve decided to look for a way to pay for these classes that will still allow me to keep up with student loan payments and, more importantly, the grocery bill. That’s why I’ve started selling Avon.

If you are unfamiliar with the Avon brand, it is a company that sells cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, and home products through representatives who use catalogs and online sales to reach their customers. Avon recruits female sales representatives whose passion for the products is a major tool in their sales. The founder was a door-to-door book salesman who saw potential in the women he often encountered in his work to earn money in a way that allowed them to keep up with what was already going on in their lives. That was 125 years ago, and Avon is still going strong.

My expectations in selling Avon are fairly modest. I’d like to earn enough to not have to worry about my next language course every term. If there is a little left over after that goal is met, I’m just one step closer to paying off college debt, and I might get the occasional new pair of shoes. All in all, I like the Avon products, and I really am excited to be a representative.

This is not a sales post (though you are welcome to shop my online store). Instead, I’m curious to see how this venture works out, and it seems important to chronicle it as part of my post-college escapades and attempts to better myself. I’m looking forward to seeing where things go!

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It has been a very long time since you’ve heard from me here, and for that I apologize. But since then, I’ve been busy, so here’s a quick update:

Shortly after my last post, I got engaged to a wonderful, wonderful guy. He surprised me with the front of a family dinner and instead I got a patio with candles, flower petals, and fireworks!


We were married in May, and we are enjoying wedded bliss.

THANK YOU to Cassie Nicole Photography for the beautiful wedding and engagement photos.


But I’ve been up to more than just getting married. In January, I started taking Arabic classes at the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute. I just finished up round two, and it’s been pretty awesome. Why Arabic? I’m not quite sure yet. For one thing, I was bored. It seemed like a good way to occupy my time. My dream job is still not a concrete thing, but I like to talk, and I like to learn new languages, so maybe my dream job will appear after I learn a few more and become an asset to somebody who needs English/Spanish/Arabic speakers. I’m REALLY good at remembering animal names, so maybe I’ll find a zoo that needs a very specific trilingual tour guide.

I’m not going to overload you with everything that’s happened since my last post. But there will be more to come on the books I’ve read and what I’m doing, so be sure to check back!

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